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How to Use Our Diffuser Bracelets

Interested in the diffuser bracelets but not sure how they work and what to use them for?

Well for starters, they can be worn just as fashion pieces layered, stacked or alone. Or the most beneficial way is to add your favorite essential oil to the white, grey or black lava rocks on the bracelets. But adding a drop or two of essential oil and rubbing it into the lava rocks, you will enjoy which ever scent you decide all day long.
Add our Beach Blend, a gorgeous mix of Wild Orange and Lime, you will enjoy the aromatherapy all day from that essential oil. You can also switch the scents every day depending on your mood or feelings.  The scents usually last most of the day, but you can add more if wanted. 

By using essential oils instead of synthetic perfumes you will enjoy healthy, clean, scents that are actually beneficial to your system.  The olfactory system, the sense of smell, plays a huge role in emotion, memory and learning. So by smelling oils that can help calm, energize, relax, uplift, you are boosting your health and well being naturally. Enjoy X


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