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Favorite Oils for Summer Time Travel

Hi all, with summer trips right around the corner, I have some essentials to keep with on your vacay! First off travel time in a car, plane, boat is not always super fun. 

So my favorite way to use the oils in the car, or plane is in a handy rollerball! Super easy to apply and really effective. So here is my list of rollerballs to use!

Peppermint/Tummy- rolled on stomach, back of neck for any digestive issues. You can also roll on palm of hand and inhale to help with nausea. It also is great on long trips to help wake you up. 

Onguard/Immune - This powerhouse is great at keeping germs at bay. Use this oil in diffuser (I always bring mine when traveling) To help keep air clean in hotel rooms. I also use Onguard rollerball and swipe on bottom of feet and spine before flights to keep immune system nice and strong.

Sleep Roller- This one is perfect for those that may get a bit overhwelmed with travel and calming down. It helps to calm the nerves and relax great right before bed. I roll this on back of neck, spine and feet. 

Lavender- This oil is the swiss army knife of oils!!! It is great for so many ailments. It is a great way to help with bug bites, burns or any skin irritation, Roll it on area of concern. It is also great for calming and relaxation. 

Hopefully these tips will help make your summer vacay smooth sailing!



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